Only photos.


El Calafate Sta Cruz República Argentina

Alone in Purmamarca


Salta - Argentina


Clouds and Mountain

Volcano Lanin

Photographers in the volcano Lanin

San Martín de los Andes (South of Argentina)

Lanin volcano (Neuquén-Argentina).

Observing the waterfall

The moon over lake

The Angostura Village (Argentina)

Mirror Lake

San Carlos de Bariloche (Argentina)

Photographing the volcano Lanin

Neuquen (Argentina)

Gutierrez Lake

San Carlos de Bariloche (Argentina)

Stones, water and mountains

Neighborhood Ñireco

Train ticket office

Curve to the lake.

Ushuaia bay

Saint Chistopher in Ushuaia Bay

Rainbow and ships

Stay tunnel (Ushuaia-Argentina)

What stays of the Shed

Tree and sky


Chascomus's lagoon (Argentine province of Buenos Aires).

Fishermen's wharf (Olivos port)

Walking in the autumn


West in the lagoon




Walking with a dog

Storm in the river.

It dawns in the river

In the morning

This morning before the rain



Morning in the river coast.

Fishing in the River


Warf in the afternonn


Plumeritos and clouds

Afternoon in the lake

Clouds and river

The river man


Bridge to the Horizon

Mounted bridge over Rio de la Plata river.

Solitary rower



Straps and reflections

Municipal port

The Sun behind of the wall

Putting sun in the racetrack


Olivos port (Buenos Aires)

Fluvial station sunday morning

Reflections of the catamaran

Over the bridge


To get dark in the lagoon

Hahuel Huapi lake (San Carlos de Bariloche-Argentina).

It dawns in the lake

The lake, the mountains and the sky.


After the storm, calm

before the calm

Man and bridge

Lake Khami

Low tide

Swans swimming in the harbor

Morning in the fishing pier

Morning in the sea


The sea

Autumn road

Mar del Plata city in the night

Sea and rocks

the sea and the sky

The dog and the sea

Heaven and earth

Sunset on the beach


Fishing pier

Afternoon in the river

The wave

The hotel in the beach

La tranquera

Mar del Plata in the night

Ranch tunnel road (Ushuaia)

Ushuaia highlights

Saint Christopher (the Ushuaia classic)

Sublime boat

Puente del Inca

Dawn on the river

Dawn on the river

Morning at the cost of Silver river, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Storm in the river

Storm in the river II

Waiting for the night in the estuary

Ibera Estuary Corrientes Argentina

Browsing in the estuary.

Browsing for the Ibera estuary.


Glaciar Perito Moreno

Mirador del Pliegue Tumbado

Views of Toore and Fitz Roy hills, Torre lake and glacier. Glacier Park, Patagonia, Argentina.

Lagoon and path.

Lagoon Nimez, Calafate, Prov. of Santa Cruz, Argentina.

Ice, mountains and clouds

Perito Moreno glacier, El Calafate, Santa Cruz, Argentina

Glacier and clouds

Perito Moreno glacier, Patagonia, Argentina.

Glaciar Spegazzini

Quinta Pueyrredon

Mount Fitz Roy watching.

In the beach

Garganta del Diablo

Iguazu Falls.

Cave and bat

Autumn reflections

Autumn reflections


Alone in the Plate river coast in middle of storm.

Night falls on the fishing pier.

Chascomus laggon. Buenos Aires Argentina.

El NoryMar

The NoryMar boat leaving port.

Don Julio and Carmencita an explosive couple

Two boats moored in the port warehouse

And finally returned to the sun

After the rain, the sun shining in the sky.